About us

Humble Beginnings
Throughout my childhood I saw my mum making macramé in the 80’s, working the pottery wheel and painting on canvas (which she still does now). My dad would be in the garage with his tools building Rimu furniture, handmaking photo framing or out with his DSLR camera. I guess I was born into some level of creativity.

Flock of Knitters

2020 took most us by surprise. For a perfectionist, control freak, over achiever like myself the changes and unknown were really difficult to wrap my head around. This led to a lot of anxiety and being overwhelmed as I know a lot of New Zealanders faced and still are currently facing.

I really wanted to take time to something for me, instead of as a mum, or a wife but just take some me time. I was always interested in knitting and so I looked around to find an easy way to learn to knit with a knitting kit. But the more I looked I had a real difficulty in finding a kit that was 1) affordable 2) for an absolute beginner and 3) for something I actually wanted to make. 

Since NZ is so far from the rest of the world we seem to have some real shortage of affordably priced yarn aswell as the choice that the northern hemisphere have. I want to make knitting/crochet/making easier, affordable and a better experience for those who want to give it a go.

I am passionate about making and I want others to share the joys of knitting to those who perhaps are struggling to find ways to relax in their busy lives or just want to learn a new hobby!