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Why everyone's loving cotton at the moment!

Loving Cotton yet? 

It has become increasingly popular with the sustainable living trend across the globe. As we become more conscious of the environment people are switching from one-use disposal kitchen wipes to long lasting washcloths and scrubbies. But why not have ones that really complement a beautiful kitchen that makes you want to cook dinner and the cleanup afterwards!

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Cotton is natural, soft, breathable and versatile for knitters and crocheters! Cotton has so many uses for baby & children, garments, amigurumi, blankets, toys, homeware the list goes on! Its also a great alternative for those with wool allergies.  It can produce some truly vibrant colours.



It's natural and extremely absorbent which makes it perfect for dishcloths and around the home. It is great at taking moisture away from the skin and keeping you cool.

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Cotton often separated into is Pima cotton (produced in the States) and Egyptian cotton. Cotton is also available in mercerised and organic.  Mercerised cotton is where it has gone through a specialised process that makes the natural fibers more luminous/ have a slight sheen and be stronger. 



Because of its absorbency, softness, vibrant colors, and care, cotton is a go-to fiber for many knitting and crochet projects.

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Cotton yarn is great for knitting household items such as towels, rugs, pillows, market bags, washcloths, pot holders, and by far the most popular, dishcloths. Not only is cotton super absorbent but texture can give some scrubbing ability. They also hold their colour well and look great in the kitchen!

Knitted dishcloths cotton 100% reusable sustainable make your own


Cotton is an excellent choice for babies because it is easy-care, soft on skin, and available in vibrant colors.

Why I use it?

I personally love using cotton yarn (knitting cotton or crochet cotton). Im a very practical person so I love that I can incorporate beautifully knitted/crocheted washcloths and dishcloths into my daily use around the house. I love how its so soft when I work with it and the variety of colours just make me happy and smile as I see the project taking shape. 

One of the biggest Ups of cotton is that there are a lot of quick knit/easy knit patterns that can also make beautiful gifts. Perhaps for a new neighbour who has moved in, a teacher’s end of year present, or as a gift for an expectant mum!

The possibilities are endless!


Suggestions for cotton: Bernat Handicrafters cotton & Lily sugar and Cream range is well known for all types of dishcloths, washcloths and the like. It is a thick ply so will knit up quick (knitting or crochet)!

Hoooked Eco cotton is great for the environment as its made up of recycled cotton so its great for garments, blankets and other toys and craft items.

Check out our full range of cotton yarns, each bursting with colour and full of possibilities!

Try making a few with these free links to patterns below:

Free waffle dishcloth pattern

Free simple cotton dishcloth pattern

Free easy crochet Scrubby pattern

Free simple crochet coaster pattern


Hoooked cotton recycled yarn


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