Chenille Yarn for making plushy toys in New Zealand

What should I make with Chenille Yarn?

Are you a passionate crocheter looking to explore new possibilities with different yarn types? If so, you're in for a treat! In this blog post, we'll delve into the enchanting world of chunky chenille yarn and discover the endless creative opportunities it offers for crocheters. Even if you are not a serious crocheter but have seen all the trending crochet plushies on the likes of Tiktok and Instagram, stay tuned. From luxurious blankets and cozy scarves to stylish home decor and adorable amigurumi, chunky chenille yarn can add a touch of softness and elegance to your crochet projects. So, grab your crochet hooks and let's unravel the secrets of working with this fantastic yarn! Pssssst its also not just for crocheters, but knitters too!

Firstly understanding Chunky Chenille Yarn
Chunky chenille yarn is a bulky weight yarn characterized by its plush, velvety texture. Made from polyester, it boasts a unique construction that mimics the feel of velvet, providing an incredibly soft and snuggly result. Its thickness and fluffiness make it a popular choice for creating warm and comforting items such as blankets, pillows, and accessories. It also works up very quickly into typically larger pieces so is a great choice for crafters who want to sell their creations but want be time conscious on their makes!

Choosing the Right Hook and Gauge
To achieve the best results with chunky chenille yarn, selecting the appropriate hook size is crucial. Generally, a hook in the range of 6mm to 10mm works well with this yarn weight. For amigurumi it is also advisable to go down a couple of hook sizes to create a more tight, condensed toy without spaces. For example  Premier Parfait chunky states 8mm as the recommended hook but for amigurumi patterns a 6mm is recommended.
However, it's essential to check the recommended gauge on the yarn label and make a gauge swatch to ensure the desired stitch tension and project size. For example Premier Parfait chunky is a super bulky weight and Parfait chunky XL is a jumbo weight and therefore require completely different hook sizes.

Exploring Crochet Stitches

One of the beauties of working with chunky chenille yarn is that it allows you to create stunning texture effortlessly. Here are some crochet stitches that complement this yarn:
1. Single Crochet: The simplicity of the single crochet stitch highlights the yarn's plushness, creating a dense and cozy fabric.
2. Half Double Crochet: This stitch adds height and a slight openness to your work, making it ideal for scarves, shawls, and lightweight blankets.
3. Moss Stitch: The alternating pattern of single crochet and chain stitches creates a visually appealing texture that works well with chunky chenille yarn.

4. Bobble Stitch: If you want to add pops of texture to your project, the bobble stitch is perfect. The thick yarn emphasizes the bobbles, giving your work a playful and fluffy appearance.

Now for the fun part- project Ideas with Chunky Chenille Yarn

• Chunky Blankets: Snuggle up in a luscious chunky chenille blanket, perfect for keeping warm during chilly nights. Experiment with different stitch patterns, such as the classic granny square or the trendy corner-to-corner (C2C) technique, to add visual interest.

• Cozy Accessories: Create stylish scarves, kids sweaters,cowls, and hats that are both fashionable and functional. The chunkiness of the yarn will provide excellent insulation, keeping you warm and stylish throughout the winter months.

• Home Decor: Elevate your living space with chunky chenille yarn home decor projects. Crochet plush pillows, soft throws, and even poufs to add a touch of luxury and comfort to any room.

• Amigurumi: Chunky chenille yarn can give your adorable stuffed toys a huggable and cuddly texture. There are a ton of amazing amigurumi toy pattern designers out there with the most adorable patterns to create fun snuggly toys. Its also important to note that if you have a favourite amigurumi pattern that has been written in a 4ply cotton weight (which is common) it can just as easily be adapted with the right hook using chenille yarn. You will get a much larger outcome but with a bit of trial and error on the specific look you are going for it is very much adaptable. Some worth mentioning are @knotjadedco @allaboutjade and the cutes wee snugglers by @mamamademinis

Care and Maintenance
As with any crochet project, it's essential to follow the care instructions for your chunky chenille yarn creations. While most chunky chenille yarn is machine washable, it's recommended to use a gentle cycle and air dry or lay flat to retain the its softness and shape.

Chunky chenille yarn opens up a world of possibilities for crocheters, allowing you to create incredibly soft and luxurious items. Whether you're making blankets, accessories, home decor, or even amigurumi, the plushness of this yarn adds an extra layer of comfort and style to your projects. So, grab some chunky chenille yarn, unleash your creativity, and embark on a crochet journey filled with warmth and texture!

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Lastly here are some free patterns from Premier Yarns that will start your journey to working with chenille yarns.



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