American yarns Now available in NEW ZEALAND, right now at your fingertips!

American yarns Now available in NEW ZEALAND, right now at your fingertips!

We know sometimes its hard to find certain yarns in New Zealand!

Hey there fellow yarn lovers! If you're like me, nothing beats the satisfaction of diving into a new knitting or crocheting project, letting the soft fibers weave magic through your fingers. But let's talk about the elephant in the room - the unique challenges we face as yarn shoppers living in beautiful, but remote, New Zealand. Being far away from global yarn hubs means we're not exactly spoiled for choice when it comes to yarn shopping. While our international yarn pals enjoy a smorgasbord of options, we often find ourselves staring at limited selections and hefty shipping fees.

The United States seem to be blessed with such a large range of yarns to choose from! As you see those crochet Tiktok trends or that amazing knitted blanket aesthetic on Instagram; you're left wondering how you can make the same here in New Zealand.

Well that's where we come in to help! We have sourcing to a wide range of yarns from North America including Bernat, Caron, Yarnspiration, Lion Brand, Red Heart and Premier. So if it is currently something that we don't have in stock please chat to us and we may be able to source it for you! 

See our HUGE Range of pre-order yarns HERE which makes it so easy to order.

 Whether its Polyester, Acrylic, scrubby yarn, t shirt yarn, macramé yarn, bamboo, linen, organic plant based yarns; its up for grabs! 

There are so many brands and ranges of yarn to mention them all but to name a few : Lion Brand Heartland, Caron simply soft, Premier Eversoft, Premier Anti pilling DK and worsted, Lion Brand Mandala, DIY glow yarn, Lion Brand Rewind yarn, Lion Brand Scrubby yarn. Please get in touch by emailing or by our contact page HERE or DM on our socials.


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I am wanting to buy Lion Brand Heartland yarn please.


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